This Mediterranean patio project began with a simple pencil sketch to help realise the client’s dream patio. MPG Construction carried out extensive works to the rear garden to prepare for the patio. We then sourced sample tiling and imported Urbatek non-slip tiling from Italy. New retaining walls were built, rendered and soft decorated and a prism glass wall was installed.

Cool LED lighting was added to the patio, new fencing was erected and MPG Construction also worked on the landscaping and soft planting of bonsai trees.

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Services used:

  1. Design & Planning
  2. Soft & hard landscaping
  3. Land drainage
  4. Retaining walls
  5. Patio, fencing, and soft planting
  6. Prism glass balastrade

“Kevin and his team helped me create my dream patio, working off just a pencil sketch that I had dreamt up in my sleep. Their expertise shone through as careful explanation became a glorious reality with something that was affordable and totally unique. I will definitely be using MPG Construction for future projects. “



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stepped decking and landscaping by MPG Construction

August 14, 2015
Landscaping, Chesham

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