Through our subsidiary company, MPG Kitchens, we create traditional, modern and contemporary real wood kitchens of the highest quality – every design is totally unique.  We work seamlessly with MPG Kitchens and MPG Bespoke to ensure the smooth running of every project. We offer all building services including: removal of your existing kitchen, re-positioning of gas/electric, plastering, plumbing, tiling and final decorating.

When we say we offer a truly bespoke kitchen design, we really mean that. With MPG Kitchens every unit is handcrafted and collectively we can purpose build any feature so your kitchen works the way you want it to.

Not only do we meet with you regularly throughout the strip out, any building works, design and build of your kitchen to ensure satisfaction at every stage, we also give you a single point of contact 24 hours a day.

A truly bespoke kitchen design

Many claim to offer this but few actually deliver a truly bespoke kitchen design. With MPG Construction and MPG Kitchens you will receive expert advice drawn from years of experience – we will explore all possibilities so you can enjoy a kitchen that is totally unique!

  1. Our draft plans including panoramic views of the whole kitchen design to bring the room alive
  2. We carry out numerous visits to discuss plans, pricing, dimensions and more with you
  3. We ensure you are totally satisfied with amends/additions to drawings, before we provide the detailed timescales of work.

“MPG Construction were excellent and the work was carried out to a very high standard in terms of both fit and finish”


To discuss how we can help with your building project, please contact us on 01494 793 159 or 07730 895 297